Basingstoke Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photographer. 

Client Area

Katie & Raymond 23rd September 2018 
Wedding photography of Katie & Raymond at Audleys Wood
Clair & James 22nd September 2018 
Clair & James's wedding evening celebration
Samantha & Jayson 
The wedding of Samantha & Jayson at The Mill House, Swallowfield.
Dawn & adam 
Wedding reception at Audleys Wood Hotel 7th August 2018
Sammy & Paul 
Oakley Hall wedding reception 28th July 2018
Andrea & Richie 
Wedding at Audleys Wood Hotel
Julie & Paul 
Julie & Paul's wedding at St Leonards Church & Sandford Springs, Kingsclere.
Heather & Michael 12th May 2018 
Wedding at Audleys Wood Hotel, Basingstoke
Clare & Greg 5th May 2018 
The wedding of Clare & Greg at Audleys Wood Hotel, Basingstoke
Daisy & Samuel 4th May 2018 
Daisy & Samuel's wedding at the Goldings Basingstoke
Cara & Tom 19th April 2018 
Cara & Tom's wedding at Farnham Castle
Sabina & Robert 22nd April 
Family portrait at Crabtree plantaion, Basing
Suzanne & Kevin 13th April 2018 
Suzanne and Kevin married at Audleys Wood Hotel
AXA 8th February 2018 
AXA Party/ Audleys Wood
Bartons Mill 
Wedding at Bartons Mill, Old Basing
Rachel & Mark 23rd December 2017 
The wedding of Rachel & Mark at All Saints, Dummer
Tamlyn & Tyrone 7th October 2017 
Wedding photography of Tamlyn & Tyrone at the Holy Ghost Church, Basingstoke and Beechdown Spa
Paula & Peter 8th October 2017 
Paula & Peter at Audleys Wood Hotel
Gill & Stephen 22nd September 2017 
Your wedding photography at the Goldings Registry office and the Red Lion, Basingstoke.
Sue & Mick 2nd September 2017 
Sue & Mick married at Basingstoke Community Church
Claudine & Alex 1st September 2017 
The wedding of Claudine & Alex at The Apollo Hotel
Rachel & Jamie 19th August 2017 
The wedding of Rachel & Jamie at Wasing Park
Lucy & Matthew 5th August 2017 
Lucy & Matthew Wedding photography at Goring & Streatley Golf Club
Emma & James 8th July 2017 
The wedding photography of Emma & James at the Holy Ghost Church, Basingstoke and Oakley Hall Hotel.
James & Helen 7th July 2017 
Helen & James wedding photography at Audleys Wood Hotel
The Elvetham Hotel 
A collection of wedding images at The Elvetham Hotel, taken by Alan Bowman Photography.
The Old Mill, Aldermaston 
A collection of wedding images at the Old Mill, Aldermaston, taken by Alan Bowman Photography
Windsor Guildhall 
A collection of wedding images at Royal Windsor Guildhall, taken by alan Bowman Photography.
Farnham Castle 
A collection of wedding images at Farnham Castle, taken by Alan Bowman Photography.
Frensham Ponds Hotel 
A collection of wedding images at Frensham Ponds Hotel, Surrey, taken by Alan Bowman Photography.
Oakley Hall 
A collection of wedding images at Oakley Hall, Hampshire, taken by Alan Bowman Photography.
Wasing Park 
A collection of wedding images at Wasing Park, taken by Alan Bowman Photography.
Audleys Wood Hotel 
A collection of wedding images at Audleys Wood Hotel, Hampshire, 
taken by Alan Bowman Photography.
Joanne & Ben 15th June 2017 
The Goldings and Audleys Wood
Helen & James 10th June 2017 
Hampshire Court Hotel wedding
Ellen & Ben 12th May 2017 
Ellen & Ben's Wedding photography at Sandford Springs Kingsclere
Carley & Allan 16th April 2017 
Audleys Wood wedding photography
Quinn & Ian 7th April 2017 
Goldings & Oakley Hall
Naomi & Lee
Paul Miller 
Corporate Images
Annette & Peter 17th February 2017 
Basingstoke Registry office & Centre Court Hotel
Channan & Steven 4th February 2017 
St Peters Church & Pitt Hall Barn
Vivian Shedden 70th Birthday 
Birthday at Tylney Hall
Connie & Matthew 30th December 2016 
Wedding at St Thomas of Canterbury & Audleys Wood, Basingstoke
Nehashree & Tom 28th October 2016 
Wedding at Audleys Wood
Suzanne & David 1st November 2016 
Audleys Wood Wedding
Sandra & Spencer 23rd October 2016 
Wasing Park Wedding
Lauren & Steven 10th September 2016 
Wedding at St Mary's Burghfield and reception at Oakley Hall
Emma & Gareth 2nd September 2016 
Audleys Wood wedding
Bridget & Gary 27th August 2016 
The Goldings and St Thomas of Canterbury. Reception at The Wellington Arms.
Sarah & Simon 6th August 2016 
Botley Park
Julia & Paul 4th August 2016 
Audleys Wood Wedding photography of Paul & Julia
Rachel & Richard 2nd August 2016 
Winchester Registry Office and Tylney Hall, Rotherwick.
Wendy & Anthony 16th July 2016 
St Paul's Church, Ashford Hill
Lesley & Matthew 30th June 2016 
Audleys Wood
Roma & Richard 25th June 2016 
Wedding at Bartons Mill, Old Basing
Sally & Bob 3rd June 2016 
Wedding at Mere Golf Club, Cheshire.
Victoria & Martin 28th May 2016 
St Peter's Church & The Grosvenor Hotel Stockbridge.
Layla & Colin 21st May 2016 
Wedding at Bartons Mill Old Basing
Abbie & Lester 14th May 2016 
The wedding of Abbie & Lester at Audleys Wood
Amanda & Robert 30th April 2016 
Wedding at The Goldings Basingstoke
Kirsty & Mike 10th April 2016 
Elvetham Hall
Kayleigh & Joshua 24th March 2016
Natasha & Ross 20th February 2016
Editorial & PR
Head Shots
Events PR
Afia & Howard 21st December 2015 
Wedding at the Marwell Hotel, Winchester
Sarah & Gary 5th December 2015 
Wedding at the Wellington Arms
Donna & Daniel 26th September 2015 
Wedding photography at St Mary's Kingsworthy and Audleys Wood Hotel
Emily & Jonathan 19th September 2015 
Wedding photography at St Mary's Newbury and Heron's Farm Pangbourne
Sabina & Robert 18th September 2015 
The Goldings & The Holiday Inn
Anna & Phillip 4th September 2015 
Anna & Phillips wedding photography at Audleys Wood
Zoe & Alex 24th August 2015 
Elvetham Hall Weddings
Sarah & Tom 25th July 2015 
St Michael's Church, Basingstoke
Natasha & David 17th July 2015 
Elvetham Hall wedding of David & Natasha
Lisa-Marie & Sean 10th July 2015 
Lisa-Marie and Sean were married at St Matthew's Ashford
Stacey & Martyn 27th June 2015 
Stacey & Martyn married at St Mary's Church, Kingsclere
Mandy & Martin 20th June 2015
Claire & Matthew 13th June 2015 
The wedding of Claire & Matthew at Audleys Wood, Basingstoke
Tamara & Paul 5th June 2015 
The wedding of Tamara & Paul at Lains Barn, Wantage
Jodie & Daniel 29th May 2015 
Jodie & Daniel's Wedding at Audleys Wood, Hampshire
Abby & Andrew 2nd May 2015 
Abby & Andrew at Bartons Mill, Basing.
Nikki & James 11th April 2015 
The wedding of Nikki & James at the Goldings, Basingstoke.
Diane & Matt 6th December 2014 
The White House, Old Windsor
Tania & David 18th November 2014 
Wedding Photography at Audleys Wood
Nicola & Szabolcs 18th October 2014
Debbie & Steve 27th September 2014
Margaret & David 26th September 2014
Kate & Wayne 6th September 2014
Ellie & Simon 15th August 2014 Esseborne Manor 
The wedding of Ellie & Simon at Esseborne Manor
Ali & Andy 13th August 2014
Rebecca & Christopher 25th July 2014
Catherine & Graeme 7th June 2014
Gemma & Matt 6th June 2014
Samantha & Christopher 31st May 2014
Kathryn & Ken 4th May 2014
Laura & Peter 19th April 2014 
Audleys Wood wedding photographer
Katy & Alex 14th November 2013
Jane & David 1st November 2013
Donna & Peter 25th October 2013
Vicki & Ben 12th October 2013
Victoria & Daniel 7th September 2013
Julie & Barry 17th August 2013
Rebecca & Robert 8th June 2013
Sue & Michael 7th June 2013
Rachael & Valentine 25th May 2013
Kelly & Simon 24th May 2013
Marsha & Dan 11th May 2013
Marie Claire & Kevin 13th April 2013
Jo & Kevin 5th April 2013
Charlotte & Sean 16th March 2013
Karen & Chris 30th November 2012
Emma & Carl 28th September 2012
Sarah & Andrew 25th August 2012 The Old Mill Aldermaston
Beverly & Mark 17th August 2012
Ali & Nick 3rd August 2012
Hayley & Nick 28th July 2012
Zoe & Spencer 27th July 2012
Cheryl & Joe 7th July 2012
Rebecca & Theo 8th June 2012
Claire & Jamie 25th May 2012
Natasha & Roger Bateman 12th May 2012
Amy & Michael 28th April 2012
Claire & Michael 1st April 2012
Dawn & Anthony 31st March 2012
Anna & Nick 1st October 2011